Toledo, Spain

When I studied abroad, we all flew into Madrid then stopped in Toledo on our way to San Sebastian. Toledo is known as the “city of three cultures” because of it’s diverse mix of Christians, Jews and Arabs all living together.

When we pulled up, everyone was in awe. Toledo was this gorgeous, green city on a mountain surrounded by a mote-like river. We were dropped off at the San Martin Bridge, which is where we first were able to take pictures of the city and the water, then released to explore the city on our own. The first thing my new-friends and I did was go to the Toledo Cathedral and it was absolutely STUNNING. High ceilings, sprawling gardens, intricate carvings and historic paintings.. It is just something you have to see in person, and I’m not usually one for museums and history.

After the cathedral, we wandered the streets and came upon a courtyard full of locals. There were art vendors, musicians, and people just hanging out, enjoying the fresh air and delicious food. We ended up spending the rest of our afternoon there, grabbed a few tapas and a glass of vino before eventually making our way back to the bus. As we walked, we found the most amazing passageway I’ve ever seen (the last picture in the album below). This was before I had really learned about Toledo, so I think I was just blown away because it was such a Middle Eastern design in a European city, but it was still amazing nonetheless. Not only was it beautifully designed architecture, it had an amazing view of the rest of the city and gorgeous weather.

While I thoroughly enjoyed my day in Toledo, there isn’t that much to do. Being only 70 miles away from Madrid, it is definitely worth a day-trip, or even an overnight trip, and is a great addition to any vacation already planned for Spain. It’s only a half hour train ride from Madrid, so you know what I say? Why not? See as much as you can on each trip you plan. Life is a book, and if you don’t travel, you’re only reading one chapter.