Biarritz, France

During my time in San Sebastian, each weekend we made a day-trip to a nearby city to explore and visit their museums. Biarritz was a 6-hour bus ride or about an hour or so by train, and was one of my favorite weekend trips. Just over the border to France, this city matches my love of all things chocolate.

Our first stop was the Museum of Chocolate and I was in heaven. Not only did we tour the museum, but we painted with chocolate on chocolate! This may seem like a mediocre landmark, but for chocoholics like me, it’s a must.

After the Museum of Chocolate, we continued on the bus into the heart of the city. Now, I’ve never been to Monaco, but I imagine Biarritz is quite similar – minus yachts and sports cars. I have always had a love for the ocean, so I was in awe of the absolutely stunning views from everywhere in the city. I was particularly blown away by the Hotel du Palais. This hotel is like stepping back in time and becoming royal, as it was designed by Napolean III in the 1800s for his wife. My description just doesn’t do it justice, so splurge and enjoy a palatial stay while in Biarritz.

Our tour finished around lunch time, so my friends and I went looking for crepes, because “when in France…” haha. We passed a wedding party leaving St. Martin’s Church before wandering up a little street and finding a cute little shop where we ordered and ate our nutella and banana crepes. After we enjoyed that delicious treat, we went to Le Grand Stroll, which is just a street with markets, restaurants, and shops. It was a perfect spot on the waterfront to just sit and enjoy the crashing waves while sipping sangria for the rest of the afternoon.

If you’re into surfing, Biarritz is the town for you, as it is the surfing capital of France, if not all of Europe. Peak season for surfing is April to November, but this surf town is close to the same latitude as New York and Oregon, so think of the weather there when planning what time of year to visit Biarritz. Not an excellent surfer? There are more than 10 surfing schools in this little city!