Most Expensive Destinations

I would travel all day, every day if I could, as I’m sure we all would. The financial aspect is always the issue. While there are many ways to travel on a budget, no matter what you do, there are a few destinations that will cost a pretty penny. MSN Travel (my favorite site, if you couldn’t tell by now) came up with a list of the top 21 destinations that will cost you. The list isn’t just the cost that you incur from travel alone, but also how far your dollar will go in their currency (PPP).

Here are the 5 most expensive:

5. Norway

4. Australia

3. France

2. United Kingdom

1. Switzerland

I was shocked that Norway made the list ahead of Sweden or Italy, but the others were expected. These top five are very popular destinations and all have so much to see and do, so if you can save, the cultural value far exceeds the monetary one.