Live Abroad as an Expat

So many people of my generation have a passion for traveling, which unfortunately leaves you in a constant state of wanderlust. Living abroad is a personal dream of mine, though I know it’ll likely never come true. There are so many cultures and traditions, how could you not want to travel the world, experience life to the fullest, and gain a full knowledge of other countries? Luckily for us adventurers, many international companies need employees all over the world. Working as an expatriate is a great way to get a visa and keep steady income while also experiencing all that there is to offer on this planet.

While everyone thinks it would be all rainbows and puppies, living in a country that is not your own can actually be very difficult for some. You may have to deal with time differences and distances between family and loved ones, the food could be completely opposite of your personal taste, and maybe even learn a new language. Adjusting to a new culture is surprisingly difficult, but here is a list of the best countries for expats and why.

  1. Switzerland
    • Strong economy
    • Active lifestyle
    • Gorgeous views and countryside
    • High income
    • Easy commuting
  2. Singapore
    • Clean
    • Safe
    • English is commonly spoken
    • High income
    • Easy commuting
  3. China
    • Fastest growing economy
    • Increasing demand for professionals
    • Active social life
  4. Germany
    • One of the best economies in Europe
    • Family-friendly
    • English is commonly used in business
  5. New Zealand
    • Active lifestyle
    • Great place to raise a family
    • No poisonous animals or insects
    • Strong economy
  6. Thailand
    • Gorgeous scenery
    • High disposable income
    • Active social life
  7. Taiwan
    • Vast business opportunities
    • Big city, large population (Asia’s NYC)
    • Low cost of living
    • *Must learn Mandarin
  8. India
    • Low cost of living
    • Beautiful country
    • Active social life
  9. Hong Kong
    • Great healthcare
    • Ideal hub for traveling around the world
    • Easy commuting

My personal favorite reasons for living and working abroad is because employers have such an understanding of the importance of a good work-life balance. Many European countries require vacation time that is twice of what Americans get. Don’t get me wrong, I love America and all of the cultures and freedoms that come with being American, but when it comes to work, that is all we have. We are never away from the office mentally. Additionally, you really can’t beat some of these public transportation systems.

This list was compiled by My Domaine and you can read the rest of the article here.