Bilbao & Guernica, Spain

On our last weekend, we went to Bilbao and Guernica. We arrived in Bilbao early to see the amazing view from a park above the city before heading down into town to visit the Guggenheim Museum.

I’m not too into art, but it was really exciting to visit such a world-famous museum. I was most excited to finally see some Jeff Koons art in person; he is most known for his giant, metal, “balloon animal”-looking dog in New York, but he had some other artwork in Bilbao while I was there. No pictures were allowed inside, though I snuck one of a weird exhibit that was reminiscent of Mr. Potato Head (pictured in gallery below).

After exploring the Guggenheim, we hopped back on the bus to Guernica. There is a famous Picasso painting by the same name that was made as an anti-war piece in reaction to the bombing of Guernica in 1937. This painting represents the innocent victims of the intimidation-bombing; it is thought it was only an act of intimidation because the bombs did not hit the factory that was a huge manufacturer for various war products and only women and children were in the town because all of the men were out fighting in the war. Though the original painting is currently in Madrid, there was a whole section of the Guernica museum dedicated to the painting and showing it’s various aspect. After exploring this museum, we wandered the city to admire the architecture and the lush green landscapes before enjoying a traditional full-course lunch at a cafe on the street and heading back to San Sebastian on our bus.


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