Affordable Vacation & Honeymoon Destinations

Whether you’re trying to save money for the actual wedding so you need a low-cost honeymoon spot, or if you’re just wanderlust and poor like me, below are some of the best spots for travelers on a budget.

  1. Croatia
    • Everything is cheap – food, alcohol, hotels! And the water is an amazing crystal clear blue
  2. Krakow, Poland
    • Food and alcohol is usually local, which means it will be affordable. This city also provides an exciting vacation full of history
  3. Marrakech, Morocco
    • Food and hotels are quite cheap here
    • While it is not the capital of Morocco, it is definitely the center for great food and fun activities
  4. Prague, Czech Republic
    • With beautiful architecture throughout the city, the cheap cost of visiting Prague is just a bonus
  5. Blue Ridge Parkway, VA & NC, USA
    • If you’re outdoorsy, this is a great spot to road trip and camp with that special someone and just live life under the stars
  6. Macedonia
    • A hidden treasure to Westerners, this is a popular destination for Europeans because of it’s fun party atmosphere in the summer with cheap food and booze
  7. Istanbul, Turkey
    • It’s a bit dangerous right now, but very affordable nonetheless
    • You’ll be in awe of how this destination effortlessly crosses over between Europe and the Middle East, while being wallet-friendly with its low-cost food and lodging
  8. Guatemala
    • This is a top destination for the adventurous traveler on a budget with hostels only costing a mere $10 a night
  9. Great Smokey Mountains, NC & TN, USA
    • Similar to Blue Ridge Parkway, this is a great trail to hike and live in the outdoors for a few days
  10. Curacao
    • With everything being very reasonably priced, how could you choose anywhere else to snorkel in the warm, blue waters?
  11. South Dakota, USA
    • There are plenty of national parks to visit and wildlife to see for free which reminds us that we don’t have to fly thousands of miles to see gorgeous sites
  12. Vietnam
    • The most expensive part of this trip is the flight there, but once you arrive you will spend next to nothing
  13. Bocas del Toro, Panama
    • Again, getting there is most of the cost, but once you arrive, you can enjoy cheap drinks and day tours and definitely find reasonably priced lodging and transportation between islands
  14. Montevideo, Uraguay
    • Not only is everything cheap here, but Montevideo is a great spot for good food, beaches, adventures, and nightlife
  15. Portugal
    • You can travel around this beautiful, ocean-side country by train, which is very affordable once you get there
    • Portugal is one of my favorite European destinations because everything is cheap, as long as you eat and shop local
  16. Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon, USA
    • You can camp near the hot springs for FREE and because these springs have so many natural minerals, it’s also a free spa treatment
  17. Kootenay National Park, BC, Canada
    • Canada is full of beautiful mountains and national parks
    • You can camp around this national park for a very reasonable park entrance fee and it will be much less busy during popular holiday times because many tourists go to the equally-beautiful Banff

Can you ever really get enough suggestions for where you can travel to for cheap? I recently wrote an article similar to this, but it has some other destinations for travelers on a budget and can be found here. Buzzfeed has suggestions from travelers who have visited these locations in an article found here.


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