Happy Halloween: Haunted Hotels Around The World

In honor of Halloween tomorrow, I thought I’d post about 8 haunted hotels around the world. While there are many that would shy away from these, I know there are a handful of people that would love to stay in a haunted hotel and try to have their own ghostly experience.

Ross Castle, Ireland

  • Sabina, the daughter of the 12th Lord of Delvin who owned the castle, died in the tower of what is now known as Ross Castle
  • In a Romeo and Juliet-esque story, Sabina and Owin, son of a family rival, fell in love. Knowing that their families would never allow marriage, they decided to run away together.
  • By night, they had boarded a boat, which was soon caught in a storm and overturned. While Sabina was rescued, Owin did not survive.
  • Living without her love was unbearable, so Sabina locked herself in the tower and refused to eat or drink, and she eventually went into a slumber from which she would never awake.

The Stanley Hotel, Colorado

  • Opened by Freeland O. Stanley, co-founder of Stanley Steamer vehicles, in 1907, ghosts of he and his wife are said to roam the halls.
  • A former housekeeper who dedicated her life to the hotel has been a helpful ghost, unpacking and cleaning up for current guests, since her death in the 1950s.
  • You can take the official Stanley Hotel tour to learn more about the haunted history. Visit their site here.

The Langham Hotel, England

  • Many guests have seen a man dressed in Victorian evening wear when they stay in room 333
  • He is only spotted throughout October though

Fairmont Banff Springs, Canada

  • The 9th floor guests have had many sightings of a fully-dressed bellhop that is thought to be a former employee that died the night his retirement was announced in 1967
  • Another ghost is that of a bride that died on her wedding day. Many guests have felt a draft in the marble stairwell where she fell to her death.

Hotel Roosevelt, California

  • This hotel was home to Marilyn Monroe and many guests and employees have reported seeing a beautiful blonde ghost in the full-length mirror located in her old suite.

Toftholm Herrgard, Sweden

  • Many centuries ago, a young peasant boy fell in love with the daughter of the baron that owned this home, but she was set up in an arranged marriage to a man chosen by her father.
  • The boy hung himself on the morning of the wedding in what is now room 324. He now haunts the hotel shutting windows and doors and making noises.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, India

  • As the story goes, the architect of the hotel killed himself inside before it was completed because it was not being built according to his plan.

Russel Hotel, Australia

  • Mysterious creaks in the floor at night are said to be caused by the ghost of a sailor

There are so many haunted hotels around the world, but these 8 were chosen from this MSN Travel article and researched on their own.


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