Why do we travel?

As I was browsing travel blogs to find inspiration, I came across this article and it really struck a cord with me. I’ve never really thought about why I travel, only that I love doing it. I always try to never go anywhere twice.

I have been blessed with a family with the means and passion for travel, so it is something that I’ve always known, yet when I visited some places for a second time by myself, it was a whole different experience. With my family, I was dragged to museum after museum and wasn’t able to see what I wanted. Alone, I was able to choose my own itinerary and spend as long or as little time as I wanted in each museum or site, let alone each city (I’ll be posting about my trip in the coming weeks). It really was amazing how different of an experience it was alone, even when I went back to some of the cities I had already visited with my family. Next time I go back anywhere I’ve already been, it will (hopefully) be with my future husband, so I know that will be a completely new experience as well, especially if he hasn’t been there before and I get to act as tour guide.

Wow, I went on quite the tangent there.. I can go on and on about traveling and my favourite places, so for now, I will just let you think about why you want to and love to travel by reading the article linked above. It will really make you think and get your wanderlust senses tingling.