Eurotrip: Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt was the most expensive stop of my trip, so therefore it was the shortest. I had mis-planned this portion and the annual car show was going on the same time I was passing through. Now you may be thinking, “Oh whatever it’s just a car show,” but this was the car show. The one where every big company releases the latest and greatest, as well as some outrageous cars that only about two people in the world can afford.

During my visit, it was also a bit rainy, which makes exploring less fun. I went for a walk and saw a huge steeple across the river, so I thought I’d go check out what it was. The steeple belonged to a protestant parish church from 1340 called Dreikönigskirche, which has gone under numerous transformations since then (see picture below). I couldn’t go inside because it was closed, but from outside, it was just a magnificent piece of architecture.

On my walk back, the sprinkling rain became a torrential downpour. When I left my hotel, there had been a sun-break so I hadn’t brought my umbrella with me, but, luckily, I was near a little city square with some restaurants that had umbrellas that I could hide under for a bit. While I was waiting for the rain to pass, I was admiring the architecture once again. It is just so fascinating to me the differences and similarities between all of the cities though they’re located so close to each other.

Next stop, Bern! If you’d like to read about my trip from the beginning, start with London.


2 thoughts on “Eurotrip: Frankfurt, Germany

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  2. Sad to hear that your timing was so “horrible”: Prices in Frankfurt are usually quite reasonable, but when important fairs are taking place, everything is quadruple the normal price. I hope you enjoyed your time nevertheless 🙂


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