Eurotrip: Bern, Switzerland

Bern was another place full of water and greenery, so I automatically loved it. My hotel was up the hill a little bit, so I had a great view of the whole city and the beautiful mountains.

Exploring Bern was all about watches and chocolate! There were about three main streets that were full of shops where I could have window-shopped all day. As I explored the streets each day, I discovered a church at the end of one with the most stunning and detailed entry called Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirchgemeinde Münster. Complex building with a complex name. There really isn’t much I can say about this building, so you will have to see the pictures below for yourself.

Though it was a small city with not too much to do locally, I could easily go back and just explore. With all of those mountains, there has to be some hiking trails around where I could’ve worked off all of the Swiss chocolate I ate.

Next stop, Paris! If you’d like to read about my trip from the beginning, start with London.


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