Eurotrip: Milan, Italy

After a lovely weekend in Paris, I headed back south to a city in Italy I had never been before – Milan! I love fashion and this is home to not only many designers, but also one of the most popular fashion weeks.

I was staying just a few blocks from the Duomo so that was where I went first. I was able to catch it at sunset, which was just absolutely stunning. After taking as many pictures as possible before the light faded off the Duomo, I had dinner outside at a restaurant nearby. Being able to sit out in the warm summer air, while enjoying a delicious, fresh and authentic meal was really a treat every meal throughout my trip. Topping off my dinner with people-watching and a scoop of gelato was just the cherry on top.

Next to the Duomo and the restaurant where I had dinner was a mall, which I explored and window-shopped on my second day. It was a very upper-class mall and had I done anything more than window-shopped it would’ve cost me a year’s salary.

While I was in Milan, my mom had emailed me asking what I was going to do there and if I had tickets to see the Last Supper painting. I had completely forgotten that the Last Super painting was in Milan and didn’t make a reservation ahead of time, so I stopped by the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie anyways just to see if there was any chance I could see this piece of history, but there were many other tourists that had the same idea as me. Only 25 people are allowed in every 15 minutes to ensure that this 500 year old painting remains at room temperature. Instead, I was able to look around the gardens and admire the building itself. If you want to see this piece of history before it fades, definitely buy tickets ahead of time and plan your trip around it.

Next stop, Venice! If you’d like to read about my trip from the beginning, start with London.


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