Eurotrip: Rome, Italy

When I arrived in Rome, it took me ages to find my hotel. I started walking in what I thought was the right direction, but it turns out that it was more into the suburbs rather than the town. Because of this no one spoke English when I asked for directions. I decided to just head back to the train station and start over. Once I got reoriented, I quickly found my hotel and was able to get settled in time to see the Trevi Fountain at sunset and have a lovely little dinner al fresco nearby.

The next day I did the hop on/off bus to see all of the main sites. The best part about these buses is that they include a map of all of the stops and other sites around, so it is easy for you to get an idea of where your hotel is in relation to some other popular tourist sites that may not be on the bus route.

The Coliseum and ruins have a few stops on this tour, so I figured I would just get off at the first one, see all of the sites then hop back on at the last stop. This ended up being an absolutely terrible idea. I was able to see all of the sites I wanted to, but everyone else seemed to have the same idea as I did, so the line to get on the bus was HUGE! It wouldn’t have been so bad, had the buses been empty, but each bus that came by could only take one or two people at a time, so it was about two hours before I actually got back on. Because it was so late, I wasn’t in the mood to get off the bus again, so when we came to the Vatican I only took pictures from the bus. I had been before, which is the only reason I was okay with not getting off. If you haven’t been, it really is a must-see and you should give it a whole day of exploring. Seeing the Sistine Chapel is unreal and the view from the top of the tower is an awesome too. The next day, before I had to catch the train, I walked over to the Spanish Steps, which weren’t too far from my hotel, grabbed a scoop of gelato and enjoyed it on the steps. Many people were sitting eating lunch there as well, so it was fun and relaxing to just people-watch for a little bit at such a historic site.

After I had relaxed a bit, it was time for me to go to the train station and head to the airport. I wasn’t leaving until the crack of dawn the next morning, but I had a hotel near the airport so it would cut down on my commute time in the morning. It’s about an hour train ride from the heart of Rome to the airport and the trains didn’t run throughout the night, so getting to the airport a night early was the best plan for me.

Next stop, Barcelona! If you’d like to read about my trip from the beginning, start with London.


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