Eurotrip: Faro, Portugal

The best part about being in Faro was that I was able to relax and have my uncle decide what we did. Though I had been before, he still had places he wanted to show me, so I was just going with the flow. After a long trip alone, I just wanted to spend one day on the beach, so he found a hidden, locals-only beach for us to go to.

When we pulled up, it was just a dirt parking lot on the side of the road with a rock wall nearby. Turns out, there was a tunnel and steps carved into the rock, which led down into a decent sized beach with less than 10 people there. Because there are many people, like me, blogging about great new spots and beaches, the Algarve part of Portugal has started to become more popular, so it was nice to be somewhere that wasn’t crowded. Don’t get me wrong, when I’ve visited the beaches on my previous trip, they were never too crowded to find a spot on the sand, but on this secret beach I felt safe leaving my belongings on my towel while I swam because I could easily keep an eye on everyone and my things.

This part of my trip was mainly just eating chicken peri-peri, catching up with my family, and doing random errands, but if you’d like to know more about Faro or any part of my trip, feel free to send me questions or requests. You can also read about my trip from the very beginning, starting with London.


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