What not to wear on a plane

Traveling was once thought of as a luxury, and to many it still is. Even if you’re on a flight 5 days a week, you should dress like you acknowledge the luxury of being able to get across the whole country within the day and like you have some consideration for other passengers. This may be come off a bit arrogant, but on every flight you take, it is likely it is someone’s first flight and you don’t want to diminish that experience for them. If we all dress decently and act like kind humans, maybe it will eventually transform the entire flying experience back to what it originally was.

  1. Sweatpants
    • There are ways to be comfortable without having to give up style. Just please dress one level above sweatpants.
  2. Strong perfume/cologne
    • If you put on extra to make your scent last the whole flight and rest of the day, you should bring your bottle with you and just apply it after you land. It’s the considerate thing to do.
  3. Provocative clothing
    • You may be looking for your rich business-oriented future husband/wife, but the families who are also on the flight shouldn’t have to shield their children’s eyes from your “goodies”.
  4. Complicated shoes
    • No one likes security lines, especially when they’re stuck behind that person that takes ages to take off their shoes and holds up the line.
  5. Big & expensive jewelry
    • See #4 and don’t be that person wearing something that repeatedly sets off the metal detector.
  6. Pajamas
    • It’s important to be comfortable during your flight, but do it with a little class and style and save the PJs for home. My rule is, if you wouldn’t wear it shopping or to the grocery store, don’t wear it to the airport.
  7. Oversized coats
    • Be considerate of fellow travelers and don’t wear an oversized coat that will spread beyond your seat or take up half of the overhead bin.
  8. Shorts
    • Planes are cold. Be prepared.
  9. Flip flops
    • Not stylish, and only one step above the ick-factor of bare feet. See #12
  10. Fanny packs
    • Save the fanny packs for when you’re wandering around Europe in fear of being pick pocketed. On a plane, you will likely need a bigger bag anyways, for your electronics, snacks, and spare outfit.
  11. Team jerseys
    • If you need to show support for your team, wear a hat. Jerseys are a bit casual and tacky unless you’re actually at a game.
  12. Bare feet
    • Ew, come on.
  13. Clothing with offensive logos/sayings
    • Again, it’s just inconsiderate of other travelers


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