Gorgeous destinations to live when you retire

Oh retirement… We spend our whole childhood looking forward to getting jobs and becoming real adults, only to turn around and dream of retirement and doing nothing for the rest of our lives. As we delve into the new year, it is a time of reassessing goals, finances and health. When you’re thinking about possibly increasing your 401k contributions, think about where you want to retire, the cost of living there, and what kind of life you want to live. While things may change by the time you get to cash out that retirement fund, it’s still fun to dream.

  1. Colmar, France
    • If you’ve spent your life working nonstop, Colmar is the perfect place for you and your loved one to relax, slow down, and live a simpler life the old-fashioned way.
  2. Cuenca, Ecuador
    • You worked hard for your money and want to get the most bang for your buck – Cuenca has a very low cost of living. There is also fresh produce year round!
  3. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
    • This city offers residents a city lifestyle with small-town feel because of its Spanish architecture, flourishing art scene, and numerous cultural festivals.
  4. Cyprus
    • This island is a beautiful cross between European and Middle Eastern culture, with Greek and Turkish being the primary languages. You would be just a short trip away from Greece, Egypt, Israel and Turkey. While some of those countries aren’t the most safe right now, they will continue enriching your retirement with endless culture.
  5. Malta
    • Not only do most people speak English (jackpot!), but there is so much to do in Malta. This country has so much history and endless archaeological sites to see and all from just off the tip of the Italy’s boot.
  6. Pucisca, Croatia
    • This island town is full of cultural attractions and is part of the severely underrated Eastern European countries. This part of the world has all of the great European atmosphere and gorgeous oceans with slightly more green landscaping.
  7. Puglia, Italy
    • All the perks of living in Italy without being in the tourist areas, which means cheaper everything, from wine to houses, and a chance to learn the language to feel more like a local.
  8. Bequia
    • This is the perfect island landscape to do the creative writing or painting you’ve always wanted to, but never had the time, or you can get a fun job at the turtle sanctuary. No matter what you do, you will love your time on this remote island in the Caribbean.
  9. Andorra
    • An independent principality in the Pyrénées between France and Spain like Andorra is the perfect place to escape and immerse yourself in European culture.
  10. Lexington, Kentucky
    • If you’re sick of city life, this is the retirement place for you. Riding horses, watching the sun rise and set over acres of land, and finally relaxing is exactly what you can expect in Lexington.
  11. Bocas del Toro, Panama
    • Panama is a great retirement destination because you will never have to experience another winter and can enjoy the sound of crashing waves from your very affordable house.
  12. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    • With great health care availability, low cost of living, and close location to the US and Canada, Puerto Vallarta has become a hot-spot for retirement for those [grand]parents that want to still be able to get home for the holidays easily.
  13. Lake Atlitan, Guatemala
    • Guatemala is a destination for the active retirees because of the numerous natural wonders and endless places to explore. It is also another location that is close enough to head back to the US for the holidays if you’d like.
  14. Cascais, Portugal
    • Cascais is quite the affordable town, with plenty of great restaurants and great fishing. It is also in a prime location to take a day trip or long weekend in Spain or France.
  15. Colorado Springs, Colorado
    • Colorado Springs has everything – endless nature to wander for the outdoorsy types and shopping for the retirees that just want to splurge!
  16. Orvieto, Italy
    • Orvieto is a beautiful Medieval city located about half way between Florence and Rome that is perfect for the young-at-heart. Once you’ve explored all of the cathedrals and caves and enjoyed the dining and nightlife, you are just a short train ride from another adventure in a nearby Italian city.

Source: Buzzfeed


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