Camping Destinations Around the World

As a traveler, I dream of grand adventures abroad, yet the camping destinations I think of are within my home country of America. When I came across this list, I was very pleasantly surprised of how many places around the world are really great spots to camp!

  1. Alaska National Parks, USA
    • The air doesn’t get much more fresh and crisp than in Alaska. You have the opportunity to camp among mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, and all at the same time. There are endless activities possible here: kayaking, hiking near lakes with magnificent views, and fishing are just a few. You will likely encounter caribou, sheep, marmots, and maybe even Orca whales.
  2. Bryce Canyon, USA
    • Hike through Bryce Canyon’s enormous rock formations to find a good spot to set up camp. This area is home to the rare Utah prairie dog, birds, foxes, and the occasional black bear, so you are sure to get a true wildlife camping experience.
  3. Amazon Rainforest, South America
    • Enjoy the hike to your campsite through the dense jungle, with all of the humidity and sounds of the wildlife the rainforest has to offer.  By night, under the heavy canopy of the rainforest, you’ll hear various noises and calls of the wild that are much better than any experience you could ever have in a zoo.
  4. Wadi Rum, Jordan
    • You will be lead to your campsite on camelback then get yourself situated in the Bedouin tents before enjoying a local dish cooked on the fire. Spend the night dancing around the fire as an Arabic melody fills the air before gazing up at the night sky full of more stars than you’ve ever seen before.
  5. Steppes, Mongolia
    • Enjoy the local culture by enjoying the delicious teas, thick carpets, and a statue of Buddha as you sit in a tent, traditionally home to Mongolia’s nomads among the rivers, valleys, and mountains.
  6. Northern Territory, Australia
    • Not much beats waking up to the stunning view of Ayers Rock at dawn.  Spend your day hiking around and up the rock to soak in some truly amazing views, but beware of the critters – Australia is home to some of the most poisonous animals and insects on the planet, especially when you’re out in the bush.
  7. On a safari in East Africa
    • Safaris can be as basic or as extravagant as you’d like. You can hop from Four Seasons to Four Seasons, or you can camp under the Acacia trees. Trips like this often come with Maasai warriors that will protect you and guide you through the dark, so there isn’t as much worry about animals attacking as you’d think. From inside your tents, you will be able to hear every squawk, chirp, call, and roar and be fully immersed in the jungle life.
  8. Antarctica
    • As you kayak over the icy waters from the ship you arrived on, you will immediately be in awe of the ice structures that glow in a bluish white light. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to camp on a glacier on one of the coldest, driest, windiest, and rarely-visited continent.


MSN Travel’s list also includes suggested trips to make these camping dreams a reality. You can read more about it here.


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