12 Don’t-Do’s on board a plane

As we get ready to jet set this holiday season, think of your airplane habits and be sure to never do these 12 things:

  1. Sleep through take off and landing – Delaying popping your ears can be painful
  2. Sitting the whole flight – Sitting longer than two hours could lead to blood clots
  3. Sleeping when it is daytime in your arrival destination – It makes jet lag worse
  4. Declining a beverage – Cabin air is dry, so you need to keep hydrated
  5. Drinking tea or coffee on board – It’s made with plane tap water, which has a higher chance of containing bacteria & getting you sick on vacation
  6. Drinking anything carbonated – Cabin pressure causes the bubbles to expand and make you feel more bloated
  7. Drinking alcohol – Being 40,000ft up just makes any effects of alcohol worsen
  8. Binge eating on board – According to a German study, the air pressure and dry air causes you to taste less, so airlines compensate by making their foods extra salty to get you the flavor you expect, greatly increasing your sodium intake.
  9. Eating anything after it touches your tray table – Yuck! This is the area on a plane with the highest level of bacteria
  10. Messing with your seat belt – Wear it, but touch it sparingly. Set it to a comfortable tightness then be done with it… Then put on sanitizer.
  11. Walk barefoot – If you have to take your shoes off during your flight, at minimum, put them back on when you get out of your seat to go to the restroom.
  12. Holding it – This one has nothing to do with any air pressure or dry cabin air, but it’s just commonly known that if you hold it too long, it may lead to infection, which would be worse than just using the cramped restroom on board.

If you’d like to take it one step further, check out my article about what not to wear on a plane.

Source: MSN Travel


One thought on “12 Don’t-Do’s on board a plane

  1. I didn’t realise the thing about making it extra salty! That’s a good one to know. I don’t tend to eat on aboard anyway though, it so expensive, especially on budget airlines where they try to make up some of the money. I prefer grabbing something at the airport, or even better bringing along your own food, like a pack of cereal bars.
    I agree with keeping hydrated though too! I hate that weird feeling when you come off a plane without drinking. To refresh my skin I also keep a pack of wet wipes to cleanse as I come into land 🙂


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