10 Must-Bring Items for an International Flight

When traveling on a long, international flight, there are many items that will help you keep your sanity among the 300 sleeping and snoring passengers. Here are 10 items that you shouldn’t fly without and a bonus 3 that you should definitely not bring.

  1. Noise cancelling headphones
    • No snoring or crying babies for you!
  2. USB cable:
    • Many planes have a USB port but not an outlet, so don’t forget this so you can keep your devices charged for the whole flight
  3. USB battery:
    • Just in case the plane doesn’t have the USB port
  4. Camera:
    • Don’t store it in the overhead bin, especially if you have a window seat, or else you will miss out on some Kodak moments
  5. Extra layer:
    • Whether it’s a blanket or a sweatshirt, bring something to keep you warm on a cold flight, as many airlines lower the temperature to keep sleeping passengers comfortable.
    • Also, window seats are colder than aisle seats because of where the vents blow.
  6. Travel pillow:
    • Your neck will thank you upon arrival
  7. Eye mask:
    • If you’re a light sleeper, the cabin lights, even if dimmed, may keep you up
  8. Pen:
    • For those pesky customs forms
  9. Passport:
    • Don’t leave this in the overhead bin either
  10. Hotel address:
    • Customs form typically ask for the address of where you’re staying. At some immigration locations you can get away with just the name at city, but better safe than sorry for the more strict airports.


For a bonus, here are the three items you should not bring on an international flight.

  1. Fruit, nuts, seeds:
    • Especially upon return to the US, many countries do not allow these items to be brought in because of various diseases, pesticides, and other possible cross-contamination
  2. Liquids:
    • By now, we all should know that TSA doesn’t allow any liquid, be it water,  sunscreen, or anything in between, if it is in a container over 3.4oz
  3. Smelly items:
    • Out of courtesy to your fellow passengers that have to share re-filtered air space with you for however many hours, don’t bring polish to paint your nails or leftovers. And PLEASE don’t take off your shoes so everyone can smell the socks you’ve been wearing for your long travels.


For more on this, visit this Forbes article.


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