20 Best North American Cities

I have never been one for traveling domestically. For some reason, I have always been drawn to the different cuisine and cultures of countries around the world, but after seeing this list, I realized that I can get a great variety around the US and Canada too!

20. Carmel by the Sea, CA – #1 in the US for romance, oh la la!

19. Williamsburg, VA – so much to see and endless history to learn about

18. Boston, MA – sports, culture, and good food – what more do you need?

17. Seattle, WA – a beautiful summer destination for any foodie

16. Nashville, TN – amazing hospitality and amazing music scene

15. Portland, OR – very weird, in a good way, and Portlanders own it

14. Washington, D.C. – endless museums

13. Vancouver, B.C., Canada – a big city set in beautiful nature, full of a variety of activities and cuisine

12. Austin, TX – another big destiniation for music

11. Asheville, NC – great for the “modern hipster” with a desire for hiking through nature during the day and participating in drum circles in the city at night

10. Victoria, B.C., Canada – beautiful historic buildings and amazing gardens – take the ferry to get there. You won’t regret it.

9. New York City, NY – #1 in the US for shopping, dining and culture

8. Chicago, IL – you can go from city living to relaxing on the beach in the blink of an eye or enjoy art, theatre, and great pizza

7. Quebec City, QC, Canada – 400 year old city with a quaint, French feel all in nearby Canada

6. San Francisco, CA – perfect combination of dining, culture, and romance

5. Santa Fe, NM – you will be blown away at how the old-world, Southwestern culture fuses with the modern

4. Savannah, GA – beautiful historic landmarks surrounded by lush Georgian landscapes that have been featured in many movies

3. Mexico City, Mexico – best Latin-America destination for shopping, cuisine, and culture

2. New Orleans, LA – #2 in the US for dining and #1 in the world for nightlife. Bring on the beignets!

1. Charleston, SC – sophisticated city still with small town charm. Home to 4 of the top 5 small city hotels in the US and are beautiful re-purposed mansions.

You can view the full slideshow from Travel & Leisure here.


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