Traveling While Racing or Racing While Traveling?

A few weeks ago, the Clipper Round The World Race ported in Seattle as they completed a month-long journey across the Pacific Ocean. While I was eating dinner next to the harbor, one of the sailboats arrived to a joyous crowd cheering as they docked. It was that moment that I was hooked.

After touring the 70-foot sailboats, talking to the crew, and attending a presentation about the company and all that goes into the race itself, I signed up. There, I said it. I signed up to be a part of of the 2017 Clipper Race. I’m going to join the last two legs, which leaves from the West Coast, goes down through Panama, up the East Coast before heading across the Atlantic for the final leg to England. The race will have been going on for 9 previous months, so I can’t wait to welcome my boat and teammates into the West Coast port (hopefully Seattle) and join them to finish the race strong!

And before you ask, no, I have never sailed before. To my surprise, and luck, they prefer that you don’t have any sailing experience because they can then train you to sail the way they like and know is best for this experience and the particular conditions I will face.

The one catch is, this amazing opportunity to learn a new skill and travel around the world comes with a decent price tag. These costs cover 4 weeks of training, my required equipment & gear, and everything I could ever need while I’m at sea for a month a time, like food and toilet paper. I will still need to cover costs of flights for training and to/from the race itself as well as necessary gear beyond what is provided. I know I may seem crazy for wanting to do this, but life is about collecting experiences and this one is sure to be awesome!

I would really appreciate your donation to help fund this incredible opportunity to join the 2017 Clipper Race. Every penny helps. Please visit my GoFundMe page for more. Please share.


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