10 Unexpected & Unexplored Beach Destinations

It is so hard to find good beaches nowadays, let alone a good amount of space to set down your things and lay out to enjoy the sun and the views. Here are 10 beach destinations around the world that have yet to be discovered:

Pyla-sur-Mer, France

  • Along France’s Atlantic coast, is this secret gem of a beach at the bottom of a sand dune

Grand Haven, Michigan

  • Truly a haven on the northern end Lake Michigan, be sure to pack your hiking boots and swim suits when you explore this little waterfront town

Salt Creek, Washington

  • On Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, you can explore tide pools, a WWII military base, and views of Canada across the Strait

Ibo Island, Mozambique

  • The turquoise water is an excellent opportunity to explore the marine life and shipwrecks
  • You can’t beat 32 coral islands that have been preserved as a UNESCO site

The Algarve, Portugal

  • South of the popular destination, Lisbon, is the Algarve, which provides ample golf, sunbathing, and an authentic Portuguese experience

Panglao Island, Philippines

  • A secluded island where you can go diving, dolphin watching, or just relax on the mile-long pristine Philippine beach

Polihale Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

  • It’s hard to find a beach that hasn’t been overrun by tourists in Hawaii, especially on Kauai, so this remote beach that is only accessible by dirt road provides the secluded beach feel many tourists miss
  • Strong currents advise against surfing and snorkeling, but there is a swimming beach at Queen’s Pond

Koh Lanta, Thailand

  • While Thailand has become a popular vacation destination, the beautiful sands and coral reefs on the western side of this island have yet to be discovered and will give you an amazing, un-crowded experience

La Pedrera, Uruguay

  • A growing destination in South America, Uruguay is starting to become built up with resorts and high-cost towns, but this little-known spot still has the laid back, original beach town feel at a low cost

Lord Howe Island, Australia

  • The Catalina Island of the south caps visitors at 400 each day
  • Gorgeous mountains provide great hikes and views, while the warm ocean below has tons of wildlife to see while snorkeling



List source: Travel & Leisure.


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