20 Most Beautiful Cities Around The World

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Live Abroad as an Expat

So many people of my generation have a passion for traveling, which unfortunately leaves you in a constant state of wanderlust. Living abroad is a personal dream of mine, though I know it’ll likely never come true. There are so many cultures and traditions, how could you not want to travel the world, experience life to the fullest, and gain a full knowledge of other countries? Luckily for us adventurers, many international companies need employees all over the world. Working as an expatriate is a great way to get a visa and keep steady income while also experiencing all that there is to offer on this planet.

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Swimming Destinations Around The World

I recently came across an article about great places to swim around the world and I’m quite the sucker for a warm, clear blue ocean, so I had to share it. The list has 26 destinations, but these are my favorite spots:

For the adventurer: Cayo Coco, CUBA

This Cuban island boasts 20 km worth beautiful beaches along it’s north coast. The beach is not continuous though; they are separated by coral reefs that have now emerged. While they aren’t much fun to step on, if you grab your snorkel gear, reefs are always a great place to find beautifully colored fish and other animals resting in the protection of the coral. Cayo Coco is known for its many resorts, so there are many water sports centers along the way if you decide to go jet skiing or parasailing. I recommend bringing water shoes with you if you plan on walking the full length of the beaches because you will not be able to do so without crossing the reef. Also, for $5 Cuban currency, there is a panoramic bus from the eastern shore to the western. This is a great way to see the beaches from another perspective. Walk there and bus back – how perfect! And if you’ve always wanted to watch a sunrise from the beach, this is your spot! Lastly, even though Cuba is now allowing Americans on the island, travelers should still be aware of their surroundings.

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