10 Unexpected & Unexplored Beach Destinations

It is so hard to find good beaches nowadays, let alone a good amount of space to set down your things and lay out to enjoy the sun and the views. Here are 10 beach destinations around the world that have yet to be discovered:

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Live Abroad as an Expat

So many people of my generation have a passion for traveling, which unfortunately leaves you in a constant state of wanderlust. Living abroad is a personal dream of mine, though I know it’ll likely never come true. There are so many cultures and traditions, how could you not want to travel the world, experience life to the fullest, and gain a full knowledge of other countries? Luckily for us adventurers, many international companies need employees all over the world. Working as an expatriate is a great way to get a visa and keep steady income while also experiencing all that there is to offer on this planet.

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Australia: The Birth of Wanderlust

I came across this article the other day and it really struck a cord with me. I found it so interesting that my trip to Australia 10-ish years ago truly was the beginning of my passion for traveling and this article was essentially saying exactly that.

Many destinations can teach a traveler something, but Australia is in a league of its own. Because it is a country AND continent and is so vast, there are many different aspects to Australia. You can go to Sydney and explore the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, but there is so much more to Australia than Sydney. You will never plan a trip long enough to see it, but you will find the most beauty in the most unexpected parts of Australia and come back with a few fun new sayings. Because Australia is such a unique  and varying destination, it’s sure to turn any homebody into the most wanderlust of us all.

You can read World of Wanderlust’s article here.

Most Expensive Destinations

I would travel all day, every day if I could, as I’m sure we all would. The financial aspect is always the issue. While there are many ways to travel on a budget, no matter what you do, there are a few destinations that will cost a pretty penny. MSN Travel (my favorite site, if you couldn’t tell by now) came up with a list of the top 21 destinations that will cost you. The list isn’t just the cost that you incur from travel alone, but also how far your dollar will go in their currency (PPP).

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My Inspiration

I’ve always had a passion for traveling and seeing everything that other cultures have to offer, but then again, doesn’t everyone say that? I will never forget the day that I knew traveling was a true passion of mine. It was Christmas 2001 and my family and I were in Australia. I had been begging my parents to go the minute I saw “Our Lips Are Sealed” with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I wanted to see the Opera House, go to the Taronga Zoo, climb the Harbour bridge, and lay out on Bondi beach. There was just something about the easy, laid-back living that intrigued me, and still does to this day. Since then my family has been globe-trotting the world, trying not to go anywhere twice, and experience all we can. One day I’ll make it back to the land of Oz.