Air BnB a Treehouse!

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My Adventures in Manuel Antonio, CR

During our time in Costa Rica, we stayed in the town of Manuel Antonio, which I had researched as being the best area for both beaches and adventure. We rented a condo at the Shana Hotel from Manuel Antonio Rental Properties and were happy with it for the most part. There was no air conditioning for the first four days and no water for the first two, as well as a few cockroaches, but made the best of the situation and we were welcomed with a basket full of fresh fruit, monkeys hanging from trees just outside of our balcony and a sweeping ocean view and the property owners compensated us for the inconveniences. Continue reading

To, From & About Costa Rica

I spent Christmas with my family in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and had the most amazing time. It is definitely somewhere I recommend visiting because it is great for a family like mine that likes to do activities as well as lounge on the beach. This post and my next will probably be my longest to date, but I want you to be informed about your trip and give you a few tips along the way.  Continue reading

Gorgeous destinations to live when you retire

Oh retirement… We spend our whole childhood looking forward to getting jobs and becoming real adults, only to turn around and dream of retirement and doing nothing for the rest of our lives. As we delve into the new year, it is a time of reassessing goals, finances and health. When you’re thinking about possibly increasing your 401k contributions, think about where you want to retire, the cost of living there, and what kind of life you want to live. While things may change by the time you get to cash out that retirement fund, it’s still fun to dream.

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13 Affordable Countries for Travelers on a Budget

Saving money when traveling is an important part of any trip, especially internationally. Traveling abroad can be quite daunting and make you feel like you need to save money up for 3 years before you can even go to Mexico, but this list is made for even the most penny-pinching traveler. The most expensive part of visiting any of these countries will be the airfare to get there, but from then on, it’s smooth sailing on a budget.

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