10 Unexpected & Unexplored Beach Destinations

It is so hard to find good beaches nowadays, let alone a good amount of space to set down your things and lay out to enjoy the sun and the views. Here are 10 beach destinations around the world that have yet to be discovered:

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Gorgeous destinations to live when you retire

Oh retirement… We spend our whole childhood looking forward to getting jobs and becoming real adults, only to turn around and dream of retirement and doing nothing for the rest of our lives. As we delve into the new year, it is a time of reassessing goals, finances and health. When you’re thinking about possibly increasing your 401k contributions, think about where you want to retire, the cost of living there, and what kind of life you want to live. While things may change by the time you get to cash out that retirement fund, it’s still fun to dream.

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Eurotrip: Barcelona, Spain

Getting from Rome to Barcelona was the most difficult part about planning my trip. There was no easy way there by train, and no other places for me to stop at a middle point for a few days, so I took a plane. Yes, it was an additional cost and not the most convenient because the Rome airport was quite far from town, but it was what worked best for me on this trip. My flight was so early that it’s possible it was the first departing flight of the day, but that made the flight cheaper to book. The Rome airport was surprisingly easy to navigate and I had no problems getting through security or to my gate, which was a fear of mine, not knowing the Italian language. Continue reading