Eurotrip: Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt was the most expensive stop of my trip, so therefore it was the shortest. I had mis-planned this portion and the annual car show was going on the same time I was passing through. Now you may be thinking, “Oh whatever it’s just a car show,” but this was the car show. The one where every big company releases the latest and greatest, as well as some outrageous cars that only about two people in the world can afford. Continue reading


Live Abroad as an Expat

So many people of my generation have a passion for traveling, which unfortunately leaves you in a constant state of wanderlust. Living abroad is a personal dream of mine, though I know it’ll likely never come true. There are so many cultures and traditions, how could you not want to travel the world, experience life to the fullest, and gain a full knowledge of other countries? Luckily for us adventurers, many international companies need employees all over the world. Working as an expatriate is a great way to get a visa and keep steady income while also experiencing all that there is to offer on this planet.

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