20 Most Beautiful Cities Around The World

The joy I get from traveling is to see all of the amazing sights cities have to offer, popular or not. Now I have a list of the most beautiful cities in the world that will become my bucket list. Continue reading


Eurotrip: Barcelona, Spain

Getting from Rome to Barcelona was the most difficult part about planning my trip. There was no easy way there by train, and no other places for me to stop at a middle point for a few days, so I took a plane. Yes, it was an additional cost and not the most convenient because the Rome airport was quite far from town, but it was what worked best for me on this trip. My flight was so early that it’s possible it was the first departing flight of the day, but that made the flight cheaper to book. The Rome airport was surprisingly easy to navigate and I had no problems getting through security or to my gate, which was a fear of mine, not knowing the Italian language. Continue reading

Pamplona, Spain

During study abroad, one of our weekend day-trips was to Iruña, known as Pamplona to non-natives. Pamplona is home to the Running of the Bulls, which is famous world-wide, and was happening one week after our visit. Though it would’ve been cool (yet dangerous) to see, we were still able to see the city preparing for the festivities surrounding the big event. Even being a week away from the festival, there were already celebrations going on in the streets, with everyone dressed in their white and red San Fermin outfits.

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Unique European Destinations

Traveling to Europe is expensive, especially if you’re going to the popular tourist destinations like London, Paris, and Rome. To save money, try going to these unique and underrated European cities.

  1. Croatian Coast
    • Cities along the Croatian Coast like Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Split are a great alternative to the Almafi Coast because it still boasts all of the beauty and history as the Almafi Coast, without the up-charge of being a tourist hot-spot
  2. Edinburgh, Scotland
    • Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, as London is England, so it still has all of the castles and rich history of monarchy, but is in a slightly more historic setting. London has become very built up and is losing it’s historic feel, so Edinburgh will become the new popular spot in the UK before long
  3. Brussels, Belgium
    • With amazing chocolate and cafes lining the cobblestone streets, Brussels is a similar destination to Paris, without all of the busy streets. It is still a very quaint city that has yet to become too American-ized and industrialized, so it is a great place to get a true European experience
  4. County Clare, Ireland
    • While Dublin is popular for its history and city life, County Clare is historic in its own right. It boasts castles, amazing seafood, and the unbeatable Cliffs of Moher
  5. Bassano del Grappa, Italy
    • Just one hour from Venice is the waterfront city of Bassano del Grappa, which is known for it’s old, wooden bridge Ponte delgi Alpini, cobblestone streets and numerous museums
  6. Lisbon, Portugal
    • It’s neighbor to the west, Lisbon surely beats out Madrid as a stop on your European travels. Not only is it waterfront, but is filled with sunshine, beautifully colored buildings and some of the best food on the Iberian Peninsula
  7. Siena, Italy
    • Siena is much like Florence, but without the big crowds. It’s rich history, beautiful city, and amazing landscape make it a perfect stop to get a truly Tuscan experience
  8. Rhodes, Greece
    • Rhodes is home to its own set of ruins with much less crowding that the tourist hot-spot of Athens, and it is only a ferry ride away
  9. Tallinn, Estonia
    • This city is a beautiful blend of both Russian and Scandinavian influence that you can explore by foot for days on end. Why not stop at this UNESCO World Heritage site instead of the popular Stockholm?
  10. Valencia, Spain
    • Valencia is home to all of the great aspects of Barcelona – beaches, shopping, nightlife, great food – while keeping out the negatives – pickpocketing. Valencia’s buildings are filled with color and just being in a city this beautiful is sure to lift your spirits any day

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Spain, My Love

Because of my study abroad trip to Spain, it will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve only had the opportunity to seriously explore the northern part, but have visited Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville. How can you not love a country that offers a fixed-menu lunch, with wine and dessert included, for as little as €10, followed by a mid-day nap! On Twitter, the official account for Spain (@spain) is one of my favorite. Today they posted a picture of Menorca that just made me drop my jaw in awe. It is one of the Spanish destinations I have yet to visit, but can’t wait to! If you’d like to see the picture or see any other posts, click here.

Toledo, Spain

When I studied abroad, we all flew into Madrid then stopped in Toledo on our way to San Sebastian. Toledo is known as the “city of three cultures” because of it’s diverse mix of Christians, Jews and Arabs all living together.

When we pulled up, everyone was in awe. Toledo was this gorgeous, green city on a mountain surrounded by a mote-like river. We were dropped off at the San Martin Bridge, which is where we first were able to take pictures of the city and the water, then released to explore the city on our own. The first thing my new-friends and I did was go to the Toledo Cathedral and it was absolutely STUNNING. High ceilings, sprawling gardens, intricate carvings and historic paintings.. It is just something you have to see in person, and I’m not usually one for museums and history.

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