Study Abroad – San Sebastian

The summer after my sophomore year in college, I took the biggest leap of my life. I studied abroad in San Sebastian, Spain for 6 weeks. I hadn’t heard of it either.. I knew I wanted to go during summer because it would put me ahead of schedule with my college classes rather than possibly set me back if I failed. I knew I wanted to go to Europe and the only other program was in Prague, so I signed up to go to Spain because I knew a handful of Spanish, yet none of any other European languages.

Seemed logical at the time. I should’ve made less assumptions and really researched SanSe because it’s part of Basque Country, an area in Northeastern Spain near the French border. I also packed pretty much only tank tops and shorts because I was thinking “Oh yea, fun summer laying out on the beach of Spain, drinking wine before I was legal in the US, let’s only pack one jacket and one pair of jeans.” Needless to say, the very first day, I popped into the first shop I saw, bought an umbrella, heavier coat, and jeans. I’m from Seattle, so I was disappointed to arrive to chilly, rainy weather at the end of May. It stayed this way for the next 2 weeks or so, then it was exactly how I pictured it until we left in early July. Sunny, 80s, and the absolute perfect location to have the best summer of my life.

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